Clubhouse gained mention in the Lancet Journal’s Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development report as an “essential component of a comprehensive response to the goal to achieve inclusion for people with serious mental disorders. (P.30)” In a call to action recently at the University of Washington, the Lancet Commission’s Joint Lead Editor, Dr. Shekhar Saxena, declared that “mental health should be seen as the keystone to treating all human health – that mental health is our humanity.” From the panel’s presentation on the report emerged a clear theme – “any kind of intervention must be community-based – where there are basic opportunities for occupation and social inclusion.”

HERO House NW’s Clubhouses continue to be one of the most cost-effective models of psychiatric rehabilitation.  However, with the rising costs of the Seattle Metropolitan area, it is getting more difficult to serve individuals and maintain a level of quality staffing.  Seattle ranks 14th most expensive (KIRO  7 News) in the country for housing and cost of living, which directly impacts the cost of services that can be provided to those seeking mental health treatment. It is our mission to provide rehabilitation, education, employment, and housing services to our members for free and maintain a quality level of programs and staff to aid in the recovery of our members. Already, five members in our new Seattle program are enrolled in Supported Employment services.