Mental Illness Facts

Approximately 60,000 residents in King County have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. However, Washington’s public mental health system provides services to a mere 29% of these individuals. Commonly cited reasons for this include barriers imposed by the complexity of the mental health system, the cost of care, and the stigma associated with naming a mental illness. Individual barriers to treatment are heightened by reductions in funding for mental health services. These funding cuts have disproportionately affected “non-crisis” services, such as those offered at HERO House NW’s Clubhouses. As a result, many of these services are no longer offered.

The human toll is striking for individuals who have behavioral health conditions as well as for their close friends and family members. People experience behavioral health issues on a continuum ranging from less severe but more common symptoms to serious but rare events.  People across the continuum experiencing behavioral health conditions have increased rates of incarceration, homelessness, chronic health conditions, and death. In the U.S. the annual direct mental health care costs are approximately $14,765 per year for individuals not enrolled into Clubhouse services, but only $5,697 for individuals of whom are members of a Clubhouse (Hwang, 2017). Our approach to rehabilitation is a scientifically proven, widely successful approach that includes continuously updated training, accreditation, and quality assurance elements.

This past year, HERO House NW (formally HERO House) expanded into Seattle, opening a second location to provide employment and engagement services to those living with mental illness.  The mission and vision of HERO House NW are to champion behavioral health recovery by facilitating Clubhouse expansion throughout Washington State. The purpose of the two Clubhouses under HERO House NW (Bellevue, Seattle, and Everett) is to provide psychiatric rehabilitation, education, employment, and housing services to participants of our program in order to facilitate recovery through increased Hope, great Empowerment, meaningful Relationships and abundant Opportunities.

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Seattle Clubhouse

Seattle Clubhouse is a place established for people living with the effects of persistent mental illness to come and reclaim their futures.

Posted by Seattle Clubhouse on Monday, April 2, 2018