Education Services

Helping Members Move Forward In Life

The HERO House NW is committed to supporting our members’ educational and employment goals from increasing basic education to finding employment. With today’s jobs requiring specialized training and skills, the connection between having a solid education and career development has become increasingly crucial.

HERO House NW currently serves more than 40 members who are either currently in school or have some thoughts about their educational or employment goals. Through the Supported Education Program, HERO House NW provides a bridge between the member and their identified educational path. Assistance is available in applying for school, navigating course/degree completion, and tutoring. HERO House NW offers a partnership with disability services at local college campuses to ensure the highest level of success for members.

Education supports are peer led by matching members in the Supported Education Program with other members who have subject matter expertise. In-house classes are developed by the staff and members of HERO House NW based on the educational needs of current membership. Computer classes, budgeting classes, and WRAP for Employment are some of the classes that have been offered at HERO House NW.